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How to obtain a Canadian work permit visa?

Every year about a million foreign workers apply for a Canadian work visa and wish to work in the country on a temporary basis. As a foreigner to work in Canada, you must obtain the working permit. In order to obtain the work permit for all the foreign workers, you will need an offer letter from the Canadian employer. Once you provide the offer letter to the embassy, the Temporary Work Visa will be issued to you by the ESDC or commonly known as Employment and Social Development Canada. There are different steps to this procedure. Depending upon your citizenship of your home country, you will also need to apply for the TRV or the Temporary Resident VISA in order to reach Canada. Below mentioned are the steps you should follow to obtain the Canadian work visa:

  • Step 1: If necessary, your employer will apply for the Labour Market Impact Assessment.
  • Step 2: Employer will extend your job offer temporarily for a period of time.
  • Step 3: Foreign worker will have to apply for his or her work permit
  • Step 4: Work permit will be issued.

Step 1: If necessary, your employer will apply for the Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Before you receive the temporary work visa, your employer who is hiring you as a temporary foreign employee will have to apply for the working permit and obtain the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) by the ESDC. The ESDC will assess that there are no citizens of Canada who are interested in doing the job or any other permanent resident accepting this job offer. Once they have assessed all these options, ESDC will issue the positive clearance and instruct your employer to proceed to hire you as a temporary worker.

Work permits will be issued by the immigration officials of Canada without the LMIA approval under a limited number of circumstances, such as

  • Under the international agreements like NAFTA or North American Free Trade Agreement
  • Due to some important cultural, economic, or social advantages that your work will bring to the Canadians.
  • As a part of the Canadian reciprocal agreements and its part of territories or provinces that may have entered into different countries, like youth, teacher exchange courses or programs, and so on.
  • It may also be granted keeping in mind about the international students who are studying in Canada and can fulfill their academic needs such as co-op placements, and so on.
  • To permit the common-law partners or the spouses of the Work Visa and specific study visa holders to apply jobs in Canada.
  • You will be granted LMIA if the nature of your work is related to Charity or any other religious matters.
  • In recognition that specific individuals in Canada for reasons that are not mentioned above, like the making of a claim of refugees, required to support themselves.

Step 2: Employer will extend your job offer temporarily for a period of time.

Once the LMIA is approved by the ESDC, your employer in Canada will be able to give you the job offer temporarily if you are a foreigner. The employer will definitely send a positive LMIA copy that the company would have received by the ESDC along with the detailed description of your offer letter. You must have to go through the job offer letter and the LMIA letter in order to understand the requirements and accordingly act once you start working in Canada.

Step 3: Foreign worker will have to apply for his or her work permit

With all these documents explaining you about your job, compensations, rules, regulations, and the benefits you would be getting once you are completely onboard, you will have to apply for the temporary work visa in the ESDC, to begin with, the procedures.

If your employer who is hiring you is located in the provinces of Quebec, you (as a foreign worker) have to get the certificate of acceptation du Quebec or commonly known as CAQ in order to work in your company temporarily. Without these documents, you will not be allowed to enter Quebec or Canada. There are lots of professions in the province of Quebec that is facilitated and has certain eligibility for streamlined processing. The employer need not have to perform any local recruitment efforts as the procedure suggests, and can rather directly apply for the foreign worker’s visa. Once the visa is approved, you can start working for the company in your designated position in Quebec.

Quebec is also known for its strictness when it comes to granting visas. Hence, you will have to ensure that you have all your documents ready and intact to pass through the verification processes.

In most of the cases, people who have received the job offer from the Canadian employers have to obtain a temporary work visa in order to work in Canada. A temporary work visa is issued for a designated period of time which may range for a few months to a few years. However, in most cases, the procedure to apply for the work visa is twofold. Initially, your company will be receiving certain permission from the Canadian government to hire an employee outside Canada. Once the access is granted, you will have to apply for the position, go through the interviews, and if hired, you will have to obtain the necessary work permit. All these are complicated tasks and have to perform carefully.

The work visa that is issued to you based on your job role will be tied to your job that you will be doing. Consequently, a foreign worker will work for the company specified on the work permit he or she possesses. If the individual finds another job and wishes to change the company, he or she has to apply for the work permit again in order to perform another job within Canada, provided you have already applied for permanent resident status in Canada.

Step 4: Work permit will be issued.

Once all your documentation is successfully submitted and verified, an officer from the Canada Border Services Agency will grant your visa application and issue the work permit when you arrive in Canada.

Posted On : July-03-2019

How to Get a Canadian Student VISA?

The Canadian Universities are preferred by lots of international students who wish to study in the colleges of Canada yearly. Most of the universities in Canada offer a high-quality system when it comes to teaching. Canada is even rich in culture and opportunities. Research, numerous scientific publications, international collaborations, and lots more aspects make Canadian Universities popular across the world.

But do you know how tough is it for the students to get a Canadian Student Visa? Finding the answer to this question will definitely play an important role if you are deciding to study in Canada. So, let’s get to know what has to be done to get a student Visa to study in Canada and what sort of difficulty you may face getting the Visa. Below-mentioned steps will help you in getting the study visa in Canada:

1.    Decide the university you want to study in:

The first and foremost step for you to determine the best universities in Canada and choose a university where you want to pursue your preferred course. You will then have to start the application process for the VISA. You will have to file an interview application in the university that you chose, and once accepted from the university, you will receive an acceptance letter.

The acceptance letter is an important aspect that is needed to process your Visa Application. If you are confused about how to choose the best Canadian university, you can get in touch with some professionals who would help you in selecting a university. You can apply in some of the best study portals in the universities that you have chosen and file your interview application.

2.    Check if you are required to apply for Canadian Student Visa –

There are several situations where you don’t require a study visa or a study permit in Canada if you are applying under the following conditions:

-    If your family member or staff is accredited by the Foreign Affairs Department in Canada, then a study permit or student visa is not required for you.

-    You enroll in any kind of study programme that doesn’t expire within six months

-    If you are a family member of any foreign armed forces individuals from the Visiting Forces Act, then you need not apply for a student visa to study in Canada.

-    If you are a citizen of any other nation and are applying for Canadian citizenship, you will not require a student visa to study in Canada.

However, you will require an ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization to reach Canada via airways.

3.    Begin with your Canadian Student VISA application process

As soon as you receive the confirmation letter or the acceptance letter from your preferred university, you can start with the procedures of applying for the student visa which would allow you to stay and study in your preferred college in Canada. Applying for a student Visa and getting through the process might not be easy for you initially, however, you can get in touch with individuals who have previously applied to know more about the procedures and complications. Let’s learn about how to get a student visa easily:

-    You can apply online for the student visa on the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada or commonly known as CIC before you book your tickets for Canada. If your country is not digitally sound, you can also apply for a student visa on papers. You will have to walk into the Canadian Embassy office located in your country and learn about the process.

-    Give the acceptance letter that you have received from the university where you have applied. Make sure that the university is recognized by the government of Canada to avoid any complications.

-    Provide beneficial proofs of your family’s annual income to prove that you can afford to study in Canada, which means you will be able to afford your education-related fees, living expenses, etc. in Canada. You might face issues while convincing the council in this particular step. Hence, it is always advised that you produce suitable and accurate proofs.

-    You also have to provide significant proofs proving that you are not a criminal and you are not associated in any criminal activities. Hence, it is always preferred that you avoid getting into crime if you want to study in Canada.

-    Submit your medical reports that prove you don’t have any severe health issues and are completely medically fit to fly Canada and pursue your education. If required, you will have to do a complete health check-up while you are applying for the student Visa.

As per the recent regulations, if your family member is working or applying for working permit in Canada, your study permit will be simultaneously processed in just two weeks of time. You may have to renew or extend the study permit in the future if you are wishing to continue studying in your preferred institution. You can also apply for an extension if your study programme requires it or you are willing to change your school or college. In all these situations, you will have to contact your embassy and make them understand the necessity of why you are changing your school or college.


The student permit expires in every 90 days, once you have completed your course and receive completion notification from your university. You can still spend some quality time in Canada if you want to travel or explore job opportunities in Canada. If you want to work in Canada, then you will have to apply for a work visa that would allow you to accept a full time or a part-time job. You will also have to apply for a work permit if you want to be self-employed.

It is important for you to keep all your documentation intact and safe to avoid any sort of complications in the future. You can also find out whether your home country is listed on the biometrics requests and whether you are eligible to apply for a study permit visa in Canada.

Posted On : July-03-2019


There is no saying that Canada is home to millions of visitors each year, more than 35 million people visit Canada every year to enjoy the many opportunities provided by the govt. of Canada.

If we talking about business opportunities, then Canada is the best locations in the world, as the country has been persistently topping in several more social indicators. Most of the survey ranked Canada 5th in the world for business and named it the top country in North America and the G-20.

Canadian government’s new Start-Up Visa Program has motivated people to do business here and surprisingly upright the country as one of the world’s best locations to start a business.

Due to its present economic stability and world-class amenities in multi-direction, the country is able to attract and retain a highly-skilled and highly-educated workforce, making this country a significant one to invest in education purpose.

However, looking at these multi-dimensional opportunities, every year Pakistani national used to visit Canada (due to its easy visa and immigration policies). And on the other hand, Canada always welcomes its visitor.


The visa process for Canada can be done at the Canada Visa Application center Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

  • The biometric is required for all applicants,
  • For Biometric checkup of your VISA verification will bear a charge that you will be handling separately.
  • The photos may not be required as the CVAC staff takes the photos on spot, but it is strongly recommended to take the required photos along.

Process to Apply for Canada Visa from Pakistan:

As per the Visa types, here is the whole process to apply for Canada Visa with different types of purposes from Pakistan:

Canada Tourist Visa:


  • Keep separate application form for each of the applicant. If you are taking your spouse with you, make a separate application for him/her.
  • Show the passport, where validity of it must not be less than six months from the date of your submission at the embassy and carry a photocopy of the same, which will have t be submitted.
  • NADRA copy that has been issued by CNIC
  • Passport size photos, 2 in number
  • Original employment letter and also take with yourself a photocopy of the same, which you will have to submit. It is better to take with you a print of the email copy that has been received by you.
  • For Children:
  • If the children is below the age of 16 and is travelling alone, a consent letter of both of his/her parents is essential.
  • In case any one of the parents is travelling with the kid, consent letter of the other partner is also essential to be produced.
  • Nadra copy, according to section B is essentially needed.  
  • Main bank account and its 6 month’s statement  
  • Show your air ticket print out and its reservation details
  • Reservation of hotel rooms that you have booked
  • Passport copy of the sponsor who will be sending you to Canada added with following documents.
  • Also provide bank statement of the sponsor, provide at least 6 months statement I the same.
  • Get details of the other documents that prove your ties to Pakistan, show all the property documents and also provide the wealth certificates. 

Important to Note:

Extra Charges: The application for Canada visa must be submitted via CVAC (VFS global) services from Pakistan. For biometric additional 85 CAD will be charged by CVAC. (You can also visit for biometric

Visa Rejection: If your Canadian Visa is rejected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada than you do have options to appeal. The time of appeal is very short, you will be given 30 days to appeal again. One can appeal at the Case Processing Centre CPC, or file an appeal at Immigration Adjudication Division IAD or last option is to file an appeal at the Federal Court of Canada.


With the above mentioned details, you will have to get down to the Canadian embassy near your location in Pakistan and apply for the Visa. With all the above mentioned documents, if you are a student and going abroad to Canada for higher study, take with you the admission letter of the university, where you will be registering yourself and also take with you the proof of any stipend notice, if you have any. On other occasion, if you are going there for business purpose, make sure that you take the original copy of the appointment and joining letter at the embassy and also make it sure that you take there a black color ballpoint pen there. If you are allowed to bring back the form and fill that up at your home, make sure that you fill that in block letters.

Posted On : July-03-2019