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July-03-2019 Islamabad

There is no saying that Canada is home to millions of visitors each year, more than 35 million people visit Canada every year to enjoy the many opportunities provided by the govt. of Canada.

If we talking about business opportunities, then Canada is the best locations in the world, as the country has been persistently topping in several more social indicators. Most of the survey ranked Canada 5th in the world for business and named it the top country in North America and the G-20.

Canadian government’s new Start-Up Visa Program has motivated people to do business here and surprisingly upright the country as one of the world’s best locations to start a business.

Due to its present economic stability and world-class amenities in multi-direction, the country is able to attract and retain a highly-skilled and highly-educated workforce, making this country a significant one to invest in education purpose.

However, looking at these multi-dimensional opportunities, every year Pakistani national used to visit Canada (due to its easy visa and immigration policies). And on the other hand, Canada always welcomes its visitor.


The visa process for Canada can be done at the Canada Visa Application center Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

  • The biometric is required for all applicants,
  • For Biometric checkup of your VISA verification will bear a charge that you will be handling separately.
  • The photos may not be required as the CVAC staff takes the photos on spot, but it is strongly recommended to take the required photos along.

Process to Apply for Canada Visa from Pakistan:

As per the Visa types, here is the whole process to apply for Canada Visa with different types of purposes from Pakistan:

Canada Tourist Visa:


  • Keep separate application form for each of the applicant. If you are taking your spouse with you, make a separate application for him/her.
  • Show the passport, where validity of it must not be less than six months from the date of your submission at the embassy and carry a photocopy of the same, which will have t be submitted.
  • NADRA copy that has been issued by CNIC
  • Passport size photos, 2 in number
  • Original employment letter and also take with yourself a photocopy of the same, which you will have to submit. It is better to take with you a print of the email copy that has been received by you.
  • For Children:
  • If the children is below the age of 16 and is travelling alone, a consent letter of both of his/her parents is essential.
  • In case any one of the parents is travelling with the kid, consent letter of the other partner is also essential to be produced.
  • Nadra copy, according to section B is essentially needed.  
  • Main bank account and its 6 month’s statement  
  • Show your air ticket print out and its reservation details
  • Reservation of hotel rooms that you have booked
  • Passport copy of the sponsor who will be sending you to Canada added with following documents.
  • Also provide bank statement of the sponsor, provide at least 6 months statement I the same.
  • Get details of the other documents that prove your ties to Pakistan, show all the property documents and also provide the wealth certificates. 

Important to Note:

Extra Charges: The application for Canada visa must be submitted via CVAC (VFS global) services from Pakistan. For biometric additional 85 CAD will be charged by CVAC. (You can also visit for biometric

Visa Rejection: If your Canadian Visa is rejected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada than you do have options to appeal. The time of appeal is very short, you will be given 30 days to appeal again. One can appeal at the Case Processing Centre CPC, or file an appeal at Immigration Adjudication Division IAD or last option is to file an appeal at the Federal Court of Canada.


With the above mentioned details, you will have to get down to the Canadian embassy near your location in Pakistan and apply for the Visa. With all the above mentioned documents, if you are a student and going abroad to Canada for higher study, take with you the admission letter of the university, where you will be registering yourself and also take with you the proof of any stipend notice, if you have any. On other occasion, if you are going there for business purpose, make sure that you take the original copy of the appointment and joining letter at the embassy and also make it sure that you take there a black color ballpoint pen there. If you are allowed to bring back the form and fill that up at your home, make sure that you fill that in block letters.

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