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How to Get a Canadian Student VISA?

July-03-2019 Islamabad

The Canadian Universities are preferred by lots of international students who wish to study in the colleges of Canada yearly. Most of the universities in Canada offer a high-quality system when it comes to teaching. Canada is even rich in culture and opportunities. Research, numerous scientific publications, international collaborations, and lots more aspects make Canadian Universities popular across the world.

But do you know how tough is it for the students to get a Canadian Student Visa? Finding the answer to this question will definitely play an important role if you are deciding to study in Canada. So, let’s get to know what has to be done to get a student Visa to study in Canada and what sort of difficulty you may face getting the Visa. Below-mentioned steps will help you in getting the study visa in Canada:

1.    Decide the university you want to study in:

The first and foremost step for you to determine the best universities in Canada and choose a university where you want to pursue your preferred course. You will then have to start the application process for the VISA. You will have to file an interview application in the university that you chose, and once accepted from the university, you will receive an acceptance letter.

The acceptance letter is an important aspect that is needed to process your Visa Application. If you are confused about how to choose the best Canadian university, you can get in touch with some professionals who would help you in selecting a university. You can apply in some of the best study portals in the universities that you have chosen and file your interview application.

2.    Check if you are required to apply for Canadian Student Visa –

There are several situations where you don’t require a study visa or a study permit in Canada if you are applying under the following conditions:

-    If your family member or staff is accredited by the Foreign Affairs Department in Canada, then a study permit or student visa is not required for you.

-    You enroll in any kind of study programme that doesn’t expire within six months

-    If you are a family member of any foreign armed forces individuals from the Visiting Forces Act, then you need not apply for a student visa to study in Canada.

-    If you are a citizen of any other nation and are applying for Canadian citizenship, you will not require a student visa to study in Canada.

However, you will require an ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization to reach Canada via airways.

3.    Begin with your Canadian Student VISA application process

As soon as you receive the confirmation letter or the acceptance letter from your preferred university, you can start with the procedures of applying for the student visa which would allow you to stay and study in your preferred college in Canada. Applying for a student Visa and getting through the process might not be easy for you initially, however, you can get in touch with individuals who have previously applied to know more about the procedures and complications. Let’s learn about how to get a student visa easily:

-    You can apply online for the student visa on the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada or commonly known as CIC before you book your tickets for Canada. If your country is not digitally sound, you can also apply for a student visa on papers. You will have to walk into the Canadian Embassy office located in your country and learn about the process.

-    Give the acceptance letter that you have received from the university where you have applied. Make sure that the university is recognized by the government of Canada to avoid any complications.

-    Provide beneficial proofs of your family’s annual income to prove that you can afford to study in Canada, which means you will be able to afford your education-related fees, living expenses, etc. in Canada. You might face issues while convincing the council in this particular step. Hence, it is always advised that you produce suitable and accurate proofs.

-    You also have to provide significant proofs proving that you are not a criminal and you are not associated in any criminal activities. Hence, it is always preferred that you avoid getting into crime if you want to study in Canada.

-    Submit your medical reports that prove you don’t have any severe health issues and are completely medically fit to fly Canada and pursue your education. If required, you will have to do a complete health check-up while you are applying for the student Visa.

As per the recent regulations, if your family member is working or applying for working permit in Canada, your study permit will be simultaneously processed in just two weeks of time. You may have to renew or extend the study permit in the future if you are wishing to continue studying in your preferred institution. You can also apply for an extension if your study programme requires it or you are willing to change your school or college. In all these situations, you will have to contact your embassy and make them understand the necessity of why you are changing your school or college.


The student permit expires in every 90 days, once you have completed your course and receive completion notification from your university. You can still spend some quality time in Canada if you want to travel or explore job opportunities in Canada. If you want to work in Canada, then you will have to apply for a work visa that would allow you to accept a full time or a part-time job. You will also have to apply for a work permit if you want to be self-employed.

It is important for you to keep all your documentation intact and safe to avoid any sort of complications in the future. You can also find out whether your home country is listed on the biometrics requests and whether you are eligible to apply for a study permit visa in Canada.

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