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How to Get a Working Visa US Work Permit

July-03-2019 Islamabad

The process of applying for a U.S work permit or employment authorization document (EAD) is direct and simple. Steps are basic, you just need to fill out a single-page form, attach the fee, photos, and proof of eligibility, submit to U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS.

Seeking for eligibility can be catchy. Usually, those who are in the process of applying for adjustment of status or a green card, or those who have temporary rights to be in the United States are those with work permits which are available only to limited immigrants.


Visa Types and Work Permit Requirement Guide

US visa types differ from work permits to skilled worker's visa to Green Card or the permanent residence visa. This article will guide will explore to you the options and help to find out which one suits you best.  

It takes time to apply for an American Visa and the whole applying process involves a series of interviews, financial investigation and medical examinations. As of now, the Green Card Lottery has not yet become available on a points-based system, however, it can change on a short span of time.

This guide gives a brief introduction to various US visas and will make your travel and application at ease. From visa documentation, fees, requirements and other additional forms. This page will discuss the most common work permit visas, how to apply, and its eligibility. It also discusses the variety of ways of securing a residence visa for permanent workers, the family members and the US naturalization process.  

What is Work and Residence Permits

Securing various forms of US immigration visa needs ample patience. The most important thing to remember is the rules that change without further notice, so if you are someone planning to get a work visa, you should keep an eye on the announcements on the current state of affairs.

Almost all cases to get a visa needs a "petition" or someone who will vouch for you. Either you have a US citizen relative or you someone who has permanent residency can petition you for visa application. Your employer can also sponsor you for securing an employment-based green card.  


Type of Visa you need for a short-term stay in the US?

Before we will divulge the information you need for getting a US worker permit, we need also to mention the short-term visas and how to apply for it. Having a short-term visa come in handy if you plan for a quick visit or just need to attend an important training or business meeting in the United States. The steps are basically easy to obtain and this is valid up to ten (10 ) years depending on your country of origin.


Let us define the types of short-term visa


B1 Temporary Business Visitors Visa– allows you to work in the US for six months which can be extended to stay up to a year.

B2 Tourism and Visit Visa – is best for those non-work related or just visit stays that last up to six months.

Visa Waiver Program (VWP) – allows you to stay in the US for 90 days if you are included in the national participating countries. This visa lets you work in the US unless your purpose is for journalistic reasons.


Categories of the Temporary Worker Visa

Once you know your job opportunity might need you to stay in the United States longer than a few months, the best visa you need to get is Temporary Worker Visas.


Below are the brief descriptions of the common types of visas that will definitely help you decide the type of visa you should get.


H-1B Specialty Occupation or Visa for Professionals

This visa is perfect for professionals that hold at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to work in the United States. The first step to get this visa is thru employer’s initiative to submit a Labor Condition Application (Form ETA-9035) with the Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker (Form I-129).


Per year, the number of H-1B visas is capped at 65,000. It exempts workers with an advanced degree or the Master’s Exemption. An extra 20,000 individual is exempted each year. Those are professionals with a higher degree to obtain a permit so they can live in the US In Chile and Singapore there whereas, in Master's Exemption, an applicant is not selected as part of the exemption but still has a chance for a permit as regular applicants. It has 2 subcategories; the H-1B2 for individuals, and H-1B3 visa for fashion models.

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