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How to get Kuwait working visa

July-03-2019 Islamabad

It is expected that the sponsor, if a government employee, must have a salary per month – 450KDs or in case a staff of some of the private company, the salary must be more than 650KDs. With this order, the sponsor will be going to the embassy of Kuwait and submitting the above-stated documents.

Final checkout points

Now that all the procedures are properly accomplished, the employer will be issuing the notice and the same will have to be produced by you at the Kuwait embassy for the visa. You will have to now submit your documents which will include the id proofs, an updated passport, photos and also the appointment letter issued by the employer. You will also have to submit the details of your civil card, showing no records of a criminal offense.

Apart from all the things that have been stated above, there are three other things that you must note –

  • If you are taking your spouse there to Kuwait, then the same condition is to be applied to your spouse that has been stated above. And the sponsor who will be sponsoring your spouse must show at least 250 KDs income.
  • The second thing is that you will have to show a detail of your health records and after that, you will have to undergo some serious medical tests. This test will include the details of your health status and the main aim of the test is to know whether yo0u are carrying any infectious disease with you or not. If you are taking with you your spouse, the same will be applicable to him/her too. After the test, you will be issued a certificate and that has t0 be shown to the officials at the airport in Kuwait, as and when you are asked for that.
  • The final thing that you need to know is the most important aspect – the fines that you can have to pay. If you are staying a single day more than that of the time mentioned in the visa, you will then have to pay 10 KDs for each day you stayed more to the authority at the embassy, and you need to give that to the authority, before leaving the nation. However, you can exceed the time phase for your stay, for which you will have to show a proper justification. The extension that you can apply for is applicable before the last date of your permit, and not after the permitted time is over.

This is all about the process and procedure that you will have to follow, while you plan to go to Kuwait for your career. Just follow them step by step and start your career planning.


Kuwait is a lovely place to work at. Hundreds and thousands of skilled staffs from Pakistan goes there and enriches their own career. However, there must be one thing that must be noted – you need a sponsor to go there in Kuwait and work there. This sponsor can be the employer or can also be your family member, both of whom must be a citizen of Kuwait. Now to get a working visa in Kuwait, there are two essential parts to be accomplished –

  • The sponsor will have to eligible for the call – hence there is a need to know the sponsor eligibility details
  • The employee eligibility and proofs – know the different things that you will need to prove that you are going to Kuwait for a purpose that is related to work.

As both of the things are fulfilled, then comes to the next few aspects – what you have to maintain and what to do at some critical conditions – or in one word, the essential elements that you must know. For every Pakistani worker, who is intending to go to Kuwait and enhance his/her career, the above two things and the related clauses are effective for completing their visa procedure.

What the sponsor need to do

The sponsor needs to collect the form of sponsor from the embassy of Pakistan for you, situated at Kuwait itself. He will need to submit some of the documents with the filled up form –

  • Passport of yours with one photocopy of the same - The expiry date must not be less than 6 months from the date when you are submitting the form
  • Civil id of the sponsor with one photocopy of the same
  • Work permit of the sponsor – in case of government employees, a letter from the authority and in case, your sponsor is a private company staff, he will have to give a work permit, issued by the employer.
  • Salary details with the signature of the employer and for government employees, the same sheet stamped by the government authority.
  • In case your sponsor is your family member, he will be providing the proof of your relationship with him/her

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